Family Law Services

Divorce Attorney Scott J. Stadler provides a number of family law related services. With over 30 years of experience in family law you can feel comfortable having him as your lawyer.


Florida will grant a divorce if one spouse is a Florida resident for six months, and the marriage is irretrievably broken.

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There are two types of proceedings to establish paternity. Education yourself about both Florida required proceedings.

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Mediation is a confidential process to discuss settlement terms to resolve your case without the necessity of a trial.

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Child Support

Each parent is responsible to contribute to child support on a pro rata basis to each party’s gross income.

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It is the public policy of Florida to assure that each child has frequent and continuing contact with both parents after divorce.

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The primary considerations in determining an alimony award is one spouse’s need and the other spouses’ ability to pay.

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Attorney Scott J. Stadler

Mr. Stadler has handled all types of divorce and family law cases. Family law includes divorce, paternity, children’s issues, custody, support, alimony, property division, modification, relocation, enforcement, name change, domestic violence injunctions, step-parent adoption, and pre-nuptial agreements and post nuptial agreements.

Mr. Stadler’s practice is dedicated 100% to divorce and family law issues. He recognizes that every case has a cost benefit analysis and assesses the value of each case for his clients. Mr. Stadler assists clients to determine the value of proceeding to the trial level and what benefits there may be to resolving the case short of trial. Mr. Stadler has 35+ years of trial experience in helping families resolve the changes caused by divorce and separation. Mr. Stadler has participated in hundreds of family law mediations. Mr. Stadler is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. Mr. Stadler is married with two children and lives in Coral Springs.

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Family Law Information

Going through a divorce can be complicated and tough. We have tried to assemble as much information as possible to help you understand the divorce process, how divorce attorneys fees work, what happens when children are involved, and much more.

  • Before Divorce

    Before you can get divorced you have to prove that you have a valid marriage. Before a marriage may be entered into in Florida…
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  • Attorney Fees & Costs

    An award of attorney’s fees and costs involves two separate issues. The first issue is entitlement. Entitlement is based on need…
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  • What Not To Do

    Do not discuss the case with your children. If this becomes difficult to explain to the children, seek professional advice…
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  • The Children

    Parents need to understand that the court is not equipped to handle the effects of a divorce upon a child. Families should consider…
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News & Articles

Knowledge is power. Nothing can be more true than when you are going through a divorce. We try to keep our clients as updated as possible with monthly articles, law updates, firm updates and more.

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Each month we have expertly written informational articles added to this section. These can cover a wide variety of family law related topics and are aimed at keeping our clients up to date with all of the most recent and relevant news.

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Informative Videos

Video can make complicated family law related matters easier to understand. We try to produce videos explaining some of the more complicated issues that we receive questions on frequently.