Why You Should Divorce Rather Than Stay in a Bad Marriage

Why You Should Divorce Rather Than Stay in a Bad Marriage

Is your marriage still working for you? Maybe you have just gotten used to things after being married for 20, 30, 40 years, or beyond. Perhaps you are not happy in your marriage, but you are too broke or scared to do anything about it. You do not want to be on your own. Or maybe you are still stuck in the past, thinking that a divorce is taboo and you are afraid of the stigma you think will be attached to it, so you continue on with the status quo. 

After all, staying in a bad marriage is a lot easier than getting divorced, right? Not necessarily. While it is understandable to be concerned about the negative effects of divorce, the truth is that people get divorced all the time. Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, so you will not be the first person to get divorced and you certainly will not be the last. 

So, instead of staying in a toxic marriage and ruining your physical and mental health in the process due to all the unnecessary stress, why not take the plunge and move on? It can be scary at first, but there is a lot of good that can come from being single. Here are some reasons why you should get out of your dead-end marriage and just divorce already so you can lead a happier life. 

Improved Health

A bad marriage is hard on your health. You’re staying in a toxic relationship. You are not happy, so you are affected physically and mentally. 

A person who stays in a bad marriage faces a weakened immune system, which leads to an increased risk of diabetes, heart attack, and cancer. Is that really what you want? Are you willing to risk your health for your subpar marriage? Make the move to ditch your spouse and you will soon feel happier and healthier.

More Hope

A divorce may seem like a bad idea for many reasons. You may be afraid of breaking up your family. You may be scared to live on your own and try to pay bills with just your income. Many people stay in bad marriages because at least they feel secure. But once you divorce, there is hope. You get freedom and the chance for a better life. There is hope for a happier life. There is hope that you may find true love and find the right person to love. 

You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

A bad marriage can make you feel trapped. You may constantly feel sad, anxious, or depressed. When this happens, it is time to get out. Once you leave, you will start to feel better about yourself. You will soon see your physical health and mental state improve because you will do things that make you happy. You have the opportunity to turn yourself into the best version of you possible. This may mean exercising and eating better.

Ability to Start Over

A divorce allows you to get a fresh start. You can get rid of your spouse and learn to love living alone. You learn to be dependent on yourself and do the things that you want to do, whether it is work a different job, start a new hobby, or go back to school. You will find more appreciation for life. You can do the things that you love to do or eat what you want without worrying about what someone else thinks. You can find genuine happiness and peace in your life. 

Happier Children

Many couples believe in staying together for the kids, and while that may seem like a good idea in retrospect, it is really not. Children do not want to see their parents fight and yell all the time. They do not want to be around a mother or father who is constantly angry. As a parent, you should model happy, healthy, and respectful relationships for your children. Staying in a bad marriage gives your children the wrong idea about how a relationship should be. The worst thing for a child to experience is a hostile home. You and your children deserve to be happy and you all will be once you end the marriage.

You Can Fall in Love Again

Nothing is exciting as the butterflies you feel when you fall in love with someone. It can be exhilarating to experience the newness of a relationship with someone who meets your needs. But you cannot experience this if you stay in a bad marriage. You will just be stuck with someone who does not respect you or meet your needs. Regardless of what you may believe, there is not just one person out there for you. You can find the person you were meant to be with.

So if you are not happy, stand up for yourself and get out. Once you figure out what you need in a relationship, you can get back into the dating world and find a partner who shares your values and makes you a priority. 

Seek Legal Help

While a divorce can be a huge emotional blow, staying in a bad marriage can be even worse. It is not fair to yourself to stay in a relationship that is not working. Life is too short to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

Scared of the next steps? Let Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler help you through the process. We can give you the right advice and help you understand your legal rights. Fill out the online form or call (954) 398-5712 to schedule a consultation.