What is Micro-Cheating, and How Can it Damage Your Marriage

What is Micro-Cheating, and How Can it Damage Your Marriage?

When it comes to marriage, one of the things you and your spouse may disagree on is what constitutes cheating. What exactly does it mean to cheat on someone? Infidelity is defined as being unfaithful to a spouse or partner. It can also mean having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than your spouse.

When you think of cheating, you may think of having sex with someone else. While this is an egregious form of infidelity, it is not the only action that constitutes cheating. Cheating can mean a lot of things. Even if you never have sex with someone or even physically touch them in any way, you can still be considered cheating. 

Even smaller acts of cheating can be just as damaging. These acts are called micro-cheating. They erode trust in a marriage and eventually lead to divorce.

Micro-cheating is considered small-time cheating. They are gray areas that may be considered by some people but maybe not by others. In any case, they are inappropriate. They show a lack of respect for your partner and, if not kept in check, can lead to a full-blown physical affair. 

Still not sure what micro-cheating is? In short, if it is something that would upset your partner, it is probably cheating, and you should not do it. Here are some examples.

You are Pretending to Be Single

If you are in a relationship, you should be proud. You should tell people who flirt with you that you are taken. You should never pretend to be single. That just leads people on and gives them the wrong idea. It is especially bad when you are proactive about it and go on dating sites looking for dates or having drinks at the bar and dancing with other men or women. That is dishonest, and it is cheating, even if you never touch the person.

You are Giving Out Your Number

If you are in a relationship, you should never give out your number to someone. This can give the wrong impression. The person may assume you are single, but of course, that is not the case because you are married. If you are married, say so and end it at that. Do not try to flirt or have wrong intentions.

You are Contacting an Ex

You should never contact an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend while you are in a relationship unless you are upfront with your current partner and they are OK with this behavior. Still, it can plant some jealousy, which is not something you want to do. Many people stay in contact with their ex because they still have feelings for them. Try to avoid this situation.

You are Getting Too Close to a Friend

It is fine to have friends of the opposite sex, but you need to watch what you say to them. Talking about intimate topics with them constitutes emotional infidelity, which is a form of micro-cheating. This is likely a violation of your relationship, so be mindful of what you tell your friends.

You are Trying to Attract Attention

If you are in a relationship, your attention should be focused on your partner. Marriages can get stale and boring over time, but you should not be trying to attract others. So even if you see someone attractive, you need to stay away. Do not try to flirt with them and get their attention. This is another common example of micro-cheating. Save the makeup and seductive clothing for your partner.

You are Secretly Meeting People

You should feel confident telling your spouse where you are going and what you are doing at all times. If you are not telling your spouse that you are meeting someone for coffee, why not? Are you afraid of how they will react? You should not be meeting people behind your spouse’s back. Even if you are not being physical with the person, it is still considered cheating to some degree.

You are Talking About Sex With Someone Else

You should not be discussing sex with anyone but your partner. You definitely should not be telling an attractive person about your sexual fantasies. It may seem exciting to do so, but that is just wrong on so many levels. If you are wanting to try something new in the bedroom, talk to your partner, not a friend or stranger. 

You are Inappropriately Using Social Media

What do you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat? Are you commenting on a person’s attractive photos? Are you constantly on someone’s profile liking their posts? If so, this behavior may bother your partner. If they ask you to stop and it continues, it may be considered micro-cheating.  

You are Keeping Secrets

This is one form of micro-cheating that does not have to involve another party, but is still wrong nonetheless. If you are keeping secrets from your spouse, it is almost like you are lying to them, which can be a form of infidelity. You should be open and honest with your partner.

Seek Legal Help

Cheating can happen in many ways. It is not always as major as having sex with someone other than your partner. In any case, it is something that can negatively impact your marriage.

Infidelity is something that is hard to forgive. It causes trust issues and often leads to divorce. If you are in this situation, Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler can help you prepare. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the laws and procedures inside and out. Count on us to handle your divorce case. To schedule a consultation, call (954) 346-6464 or fill out the online form.