What is a Divorce Coach and Do You Need One?

What is a Divorce Coach and Do You Need One?

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that it is a complicated process. There is a lot to untangle from a marriage, especially if you have children and a lot of assets. A divorce can be especially upsetting when the marriage has lasted decades. 

Getting divorced is time-consuming. It involves a lot of details. It causes a roller coaster of emotions. You are happy, you are sad, you are angry, you are relieved, you are depressed, you want revenge. You are splitting up all your assets. Children and pets may be involved. It is a sad situation all around. 

Many people are dealing with their failed marriages with help from divorce coaches. Divorce coaches started becoming popular in the 2000s after attorneys, therapists, and mediators began calling themselves this term.

Divorce coaches may specialize in different topics, so it is not uncommon for a person to have several of them. Perhaps there is one to help with finances, another to help with parenting, and maybe another to help you with planning life after divorce. It all depends on the coach’s background. 

Divorce coaches often serve as emotional support, which can be helpful if you do not have any friends or family members who can lend a shoulder to cry on. Some focus more on communication dealing with divorce negotiations. Others can help with healing from the divorce and moving on.

Could a divorce coach help you with your divorce? Possibly. It helps to do your research and find the right person to guide you through your divorce. In some cases, the only experience a divorce coach has is that they have been divorced before. While that can be helpful to some degree, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, as a divorce coach can still cost $150 an hour or so.

How Can a Divorce Coach Help Me?

If you have a lawyer, they should be able to help with the legal aspects of the divorce and help you find resources to help you with post-life divorce. But for other issues, consider hiring a divorce coach to assist you. Here are some things they can help you with:

  • Pre-legal advice. Many divorce coaches are former lawyers or have a strong legal background, so they can help clients with the required paperwork for divorce—for much less than a lawyer. They are often used in conjunction with attorneys to help streamline the process. Divorce coaches are useful in that they bring a different set of skills to the table. However, they should not be giving legal advice.
  • Hand-holding. If a person has never been divorced before, they are likely scared. They want someone to guide them through the process and be there for the ride, so to speak. They may not have the support of family and friends, so they can rely on a divorce coach to be supportive and patient without judgment. A coach can also help a person understand their goals so they can really see what matters.
  • Organization. Divorce requires a lot of paperwork, and there are a lot of low-cost services available. Many people prefer a divorce coach, though, since they can help you understand what you need and keep you organized. Just keep in mind that while divorce coaches are cheaper than attorneys, the costs can add up. But if it keeps you on task and helps you through the process without making costly mistakes, then it is worth the cost. 

Can I Benefit From a Divorce Coach?

In some cases, divorce coaches can help you save money in a divorce. Divorce is a highly emotional process and sometimes it is hard to separate those emotions from the legal aspects. This can prevent you from making decisions that can help you move forward. A divorce coach can give you some clarity. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose a divorce coach:

  • You do not have a clue about the legal process and want someone to guide you through it.
  • You are having trouble making decisions because you are so scared.
  • You are not sure what you will do once the divorce is finalized.
  • You need help coming up with a parenting plan.
  • You are not sure how you will co-parent.
  • You are angry and want to use your divorce to get revenge.

Divorce coaches are often used as a mediation service, while some attorneys will try to create more conflict between the parties. So if you are trying to reach an agreement with the other party so you do not have to go to court, consider a divorce coach. They can help you communicate calmly with your ex-spouse. It is a kinder approach that will allow you and your ex-spouse to be friends. Plus, it is more cost-effective. 

A divorce coach is also a great resource for helping you heal. They can help build resilience and self-esteem. They can help you manage stress and other negative emotions. They can also help you create a new life after divorce. 

Seek Legal Help

Many people do not understand the divorce process. They have no clue what to do during or after the divorce. They fear the unknown and are scared to make decisions. They are too emotional to move on. This is where a divorce coach can help. 

Let Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler help you make good decisions in your divorce. While getting a divorce coach can be helpful, we can also offer compassion and advice during this difficult time. Schedule a consultation with our office today by filling out the online form or calling (954) 346-6464.