Solutions to Common Marital Problems

Solutions to Common Marital Problems

When you talk to your friends and family, they seem happy in their marriages. On the contrary, you feel disgruntled. You never seem to have anything nice to say about your spouse. You avoid talking to them because everything turns into a fight.

Why is your marriage so hard? It happens. Marriage can be complicated, considering that you are combining your life with someone else. Major issues in your marriage can leave you feeling disappointed or resentful if you and your spouse cannot communicate properly. For many couples, marital problems lead to divorce.

You both need to have the right attitude in order for your marriage to survive. There are many ways in which you can fix or avoid the many problems you may face. Learn more about the most common marital problems you may face and how to resolve them.

Communication Problems

A successful marriage requires healthy communication. However, lack of communication is one of the most common problems in marriage. Men and women tend to communicate very differently. Improper communication causes problems to fester and go unresolved.

The best solution is to learn healthy ways of communicating. By making a conscious effort towards improvement, you can enhance the relationship.

Financial Issues

Money issues can destroy a marriage quickly, which is why it is essential to discuss any financial issues together. However, this can be hard, as finances can be a sensitive topic.

Discuss problems together and try to come up with a plan that meets your shared financial goals.


Many marriages are plagued by infidelity. This includes emotional and physical affairs and one-night stands. Studies show that 20% of men have cheated on their spouses, compared to 10% of women. Cheating can happen for various reasons. Sometimes it just happens; it was not planned. In many cases, it occurs because people are not getting their sexual needs met at home. Someone else is paying attention to them.

Cheating on your spouse is a huge problem. In fact, for many people, it is a deal breaker. If you do plan to stay in a marriage after your spouse has cheated on you, you will need to rebuild trust and intimacy. This is something that requires the effort of both parties to overcome. It is better to avoid infidelity in the first place through frequent sexual intimacy and by maintaining a strong emotional bond.

Life Stages

Many couples grow apart over time. In many cases, this is because they are in different life stages. This commonly happens when a couple has a huge age gap, such as when one spouse is much older than the other. However, a couple can be in different life stages even when they are roughly the same age. That is because personalities can change over time. Sometimes both spouses outgrow each other and want more out of life.

You can remedy this situation by accepting the differences between you two but also spending more time doing things together.  Pick up new hobbies or attend events together to strengthen your bond.

Lack of Attention

Marriages require work and attention. They do not just run on autopilot. We want people to pay attention to us – especially our spouse. It is just part of who we are as humans. Over time, couples suffer from a lack of attention, where they redirect their attention to other aspects of their lives. This can make spouses feel unwanted.

The solution is to listen to your partner and give them your full attention. Get off your phone and engage in activities together.


Stress is a common issue for everyone. It is just part of life. Work, kids, marriage, and finances can take a toll on your well-being. Still, you need to know how to handle stress, or it can ruin your marriage.

Try to resolve the situation by talking honestly and patiently. If that does not help, try hobbies like yoga or meditation to help deal with your stress better. 

Traumatic Situations

Stress is one thing, but dealing with a traumatic situation is a whole other level. The couple may lose a child. One of the spouses may suffer a catastrophic illness or injury. They may lose everything in a fire or other natural disaster. Maybe it is a financial disaster, such as a foreclosure or bankruptcy. Traumatic situations are life-changing and create challenges in a marriage. It can be hard for spouses to handle these issues, causing the relationship to decline.

You can overcome this by taking a break. Take some time to process your emotions. Seek help from a therapist if necessary.


Boredom is a highly underrated problem in a marriage, but it can be a serious issue. When a couple does the same thing every day, the relationship becomes predictable. Boredom sets in, and this can make a person look elsewhere for fun and entertainment. They may do things with friends or even end up cheating.

The only way to remedy this is to do something unexpected. Change things up. Plan a surprise weekend getaway. Give your spouse a gift. Perform new moves in the bedroom.

Seek Legal Help

Marriage is not easy. Communication and a good attitude are important in order to weather the various storms you will face in a marriage.

Too much conflict in a marriage can lead to divorce. Seek legal help from Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler. We can help you end your marriage and your marital problems for good. To schedule a consultation, fill out the online form