Signs Your Spouse Does Not Respect You

A relationship can only last if there are essential elements in place. One of them is respect. If your spouse does not respect you or you do not respect them, your marriage is not going to last. Mutual respect is crucial in a marriage. Without it, divorce will surely be on your mind.

Respect can mean different things to different people. But it can be hard to know what is considered respectful and what is not. There are so many different terms to define and describe relationships nowadays that it can be hard to tell.

It is important to understand what respect means and its importance in a marriage. Does your spouse respect you? Here are some signs that they might not.

They Lie to You

This is the biggest sign that your spouse is being disrespectful. It is also one of the biggest causes of breakups. That is because dishonesty is destructive. If you know the truth about something and your spouse is lying about it to your face, that means they do not respect you. They are thinking only about themselves. They do not care how the lying affects you. They would rather give you false information and make excuses than apologize and tell you the truth.

They Cheat on You

Infidelity is definitely a form of disrespect, as it ruins the trust spouses have for each other. Your spouse should be focused on you, not other men or women. If they are cheating on you and having relations with others, your marriage is a mess. Even flirting with others is disrespectful because affairs can be emotional in nature. It is one thing to be attracted to others, but acting on that attraction is hurtful to your spouse. Avoid acting like this.

They Compare You to Others

You should not be compared to other people, especially your spouse’s exes. Likewise, you should not compare your spouse to your exes. This behavior is hurtful because nobody wants to be compared to others. Everyone is their own person, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. When you compare your spouse to others, you are telling them that they are replaceable. You are telling them that they are simply an option, which is disrespectful. Either accept your spouse for who they are or end the marriage.

They Degrade You in Public

Your spouse should be your #1 supporter. If they talk bad about you and criticize you in public, those are signs that they do not respect you. They should be saying nice things about you or not saying anything at all. Insulting you in front of others is a pretty low blow, especially when it is done in front of strangers or people you do not know very well.

They Do Not Answer Calls or Messages

Your spouse should be fairly easy to reach. While there are situations in which they may not be able to answer your calls or respond to text messages right away (such as work meetings or being in an area where there is no phone service), they should not be taking hours to get back to you or ignore you altogether. If this happens, you are simply not a priority in their life. They are not respecting you or your time.

They Call You Names

The way your spouse argues with you is also something you need to keep in mind. Do they scream at you and call you names? Do they verbally abuse you with curse words and threats? If so, this is disrespectful behavior. Verbal attacks can be damaging, so when talking with your spouse, you need to choose your words wisely. Even things veiled as humor need to be taken into consideration, such as mockery and sarcasm. These may seem humorous and light-hearted to you, but to your spouse, it can be insulting and disrespectful.

They Do Not Care What You Think

You and your spouse should be able to share your opinions and feelings with each other without disrespect. It is common for there to be some disagreement on certain topics. But if your spouse doesn’t care what you think and is not willing to compromise when there is an argument, then they do not respect you. They are thinking only about themselves. They do not care if they hurt you.

They Make Decisions Without You

There needs to be communication in a marriage. If your spouse makes huge purchases or plans trips without your input, this is a sign of something serious. Your partner should respect you enough to involve you in the decision-making process. When they fail to do so, it can make the other spouse feel left out and ultimately create trust issues.

They Cross Your Boundaries

In a healthy marriage, each spouse should be able to set boundaries and expect that the other spouse will respect them. When a spouse crosses your boundaries, it may cause you to feel violated. That is because your spouse is out of line. Boundary-crossing can take many forms, such as borrowing money and not paying you back, engaging in unwanted physical advances, or invading personal space. Call out your spouse when it happens and get them to quit now because it will only get worse over time.

Seek Legal Help

Respect is important in a marriage. If your spouse has no empathy for you and treats you badly, they lack respect.

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