New Year, New You: Tips for Coping After a Divorce

New Year, New You: Tips for Coping After a DivorceThe divorce process is extremely stressful for all parties, and even though many parties share a desire for a similar outcome from divorce, it is not always easy to maintain your focus on what you hope to achieve. Many times, people want to have an opportunity to make a fresh start free of a marital situation that is not working for them for any number of reasons. To make that happen, a lot of time, energy, and money can be required throughout the divorce process but might still leave some individuals unprepared for how to begin again once a divorce is final. We have provided some helpful tips below that can be useful for you in the new year as you look toward creating a productive, happy life after a divorce has been finalized.

Focus on Yourself

It is important to focus as much energy as possible on yourself during the divorce process and especially once it is over. This will allow you to recognize your own individual needs and work to make sure they are met. It will be nearly impossible for you to feel as if you are moving in the right direction if you are not addressing things you may need to do. It is important to take time to exercise and engage in other healthy activities that ensure your body is physically capable of handling post-divorce demands that can be just as stressful as those during your marriage and during the divorce process.

Being conscious of your mental needs is also an important step in emerging from divorce in a successful and productive way. It is not uncommon for people to need the help of an experienced mental health professional during the divorce process and after as they learn to adapt to their new circumstances. There is no shame in reaching out for help, and it can be a good decision to help you effectively deal with emotions that may otherwise impede your progress.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

As difficult as divorce can be, it is not the end of the world. It is important to maintain a positive outlook and continue focusing on the reasons behind why you chose to pursue divorce in the first place. While you may have a mix of different emotions, many of which you may not have felt before, taking the time and making the effort to remain positive and know that you are working towards a better, healthier life is important. It will do little good to dwell on the past, and often that means removing yourself from negative situations and other circumstances that can have a negative impact on your outlook. Be aware of where negativity comes form in your life and do your best to avoid it. While it will not always be entirely possible to escape some remnants of your former marriage, making sure that you surround yourself with positive people and positive energy as much as possible can be an important step in solidifying your resolve to move forward. This may involve expanding your circle of friends or even finding a local support group to find out more information about how others in similar situations have coped and succeeded.

Set Achievable Goals


The more experience we gain in life, the more we come to appreciate being realistic about the things we expect from ourselves and others. While we should never sell our abilities short, we should focus on things in life that we can achieve when possible. Setting these types of reasonable goals can help you feel more successful along your journey toward a new beginning. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or even if you just need reminders of your own unique abilities to succeed and have the kind of life you want, it can be helpful to set small, realistic goals that you can achieve and use to strengthen your resolve to complete more difficult tasks as time moves forward. Doing this in all areas of your life can help you focus your priorities, achieve milestones you find important, and recognize your own weaknesses so that you can discover areas where you might need help or can do things differently to achieve a better outcome. Small steps toward progress can be much more easily achieved and are certainly less daunting than large leaps, so maintaining an appropriate perspective is an important step in setting achievable goals.

Stay Ahead of Your Finances

Finances are one of the biggest reasons couples find themselves moving toward divorce. Unfortunately, divorce often makes those finances more complicated and can force you to stretch an already tight budget. Staying aware of your finances and planning for the future are important steps in maintaining healthy financial circumstances. By planning ahead during the divorce process, you will put yourself in better financial shape once a divorce is finalized. At that point, anticipating expenses and adhering to a savings plan can help you avoid financial pitfalls that might otherwise put you in a precarious financial situation. Even when it seems that you are only able to make just enough to get by in your new circumstances, financial planners and other financial advisors can help you discover ways to save each day that will slowly put you on better financial footing. In turn, this helps you avoid the stress of late payments and other issues that can arise when finances are disorganized.

Utilize Your Attorney

Your attorney has likely worked with numerous clients that have their own individual mix of emotions like the ones you now find yourself dealing with. As such, many attorneys have a variety of resources that they can provide to clients for information and services the attorney might not be personally equipped or qualified to provide. For instance, many attorneys have good working relationships with various mental health service providers and can relay information to you should you find yourself needing it. Additionally, as divorce can have a huge impact on your finances, many attorneys work with financial and tax advisors that are happy to work with you independently of your attorney to find solutions to financial issues you might be facing. Whatever the case may be, you have shared a wealth of very personal information with your Florida divorce attorney and should not be ashamed of reaching out for additional assistance. If you have questions about how divorce might impact you or about the variety of options available for individuals pursuing a Florida divorce, contact Scott J. Stadler to schedule a consultation where you can begin putting his years of experience to work for you.