Update on Alimony

March 2015 Update Regarding Alimony

Senate Bill 1248 and House Bill 0943 are virtually a complete new set of rules for alimony and here are a few items that you may want to read about (from the Senate Bill).

Alimony guidelines

  • No permanent alimony
  • A cap for alimony and child support based on the percentage of the net income of the paying party (with child support reduced if exceeds cap)
  • Equal time sharing presumption
  • New supportive relationship definition which does not require cohabitation
  • Modification or termination on retirement (new rules)
  • Temporary suspension of alimony payment in some modification actions
  • Prevailing party fees if a party unreasonably pursues or defends a modification action
  • Effective date October 1, 2015 for all pending modification petitions and for all alimony petitions filed after.