Keys to a Happy Marriage

Keys to a Happy Marriage

When we get married, we hope that we will experience wedded bliss forever. However, statistics tell us that living happily ever after with a partner is not always attainable, with close to half of all marriages ending in divorce.

Why do couples get divorced? There is not always a clear-cut reason. People get divorced for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a one-time event, like infidelity. In many cases, marriages deteriorate over time, and a partner does something that ends up being the final straw.

In any case, sharing your life with someone is not easy. You have to work to maintain your marriage and keep both parties happy. You have to accept your spouse’s quirks and flaws. A successful marriage does not just happen. It requires a significant amount of effort.

If you are looking to avoid divorce court, you may wonder: what are the keys to a happy marriage? Here are some things you can do to improve your marriage and make divorce less of a possibility.

Communicate Often

A successful marriage requires healthy communication, and a lack of communication is one of the most common problems in marriage. It is important to express your feelings without raising your voice or yelling. Be honest but respectful to your spouse. You should also take time daily to discuss important issues, such as work, finances, children, and goals. Do not put communication on the back burner. Your marriage’s success depends on having clear discussions. Do not give your spouse the silent treatment or ignore them.

Do Not Forget to Listen

While it is good to talk, do not forget to listen to your spouse. Listening and hearing are different. Yes, you may hear what your spouse is saying, but are you truly listening to them? Listening involves the heart. Look at each other and reassure each other

Make Time for Each Other

Working full-time and taking care of children can take a lot out of your day. By the time nighttime rolls around, you may be exhausted. However, you and your spouse should not forget to spend time together. Plan regular date nights. Try a new restaurant. Attend a concert together. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. If you would rather stay in, you can order takeout and watch a movie at home. Keep the romance alive.

But Also Be Independent

At the same time, be sure to schedule some time for yourself. Do your favorite activities on your own or with friends. Enjoy your hobbies. Take a class. Have coffee with friends. Do not depend on your spouse for everything. Do things on your own, and you will soon notice that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You will be more attractive to your spouse.

Show Appreciation

It is easy to take your spouse for granted. Our lives get busy, and in the day-to-day workings, you may not truly appreciate all that your partner does for you. Learn to show appreciation for your lives together. Do not forget the seemingly small things, like when your spouse runs an errand for you or takes care of the kids so you can take a bath. It takes just a few minutes to show appreciation, and it can make a world of difference to your spouse.

Give Compliments

Along the same line, tell your partner nice things often – even daily. Men especially love to hear compliments because they do not usually get them as often as women do. Does your spouse look good with their new haircut? Let them know. A compliment can go a long way in your relationship, so say nice things often.

Accept Your Partner

As the saying goes, you should accept your spouse, warts and all. Loving someone is not just about their good qualities. We all have quirks and unattractive qualities as well. Perhaps your spouse tells bad jokes or has an annoying laugh. Maybe they eat too much or spend too much time on their phone. Learn to accept your partner and refrain from nagging at them. Do not focus on their weaknesses. Instead, be positive.

Agree to Disagree

A good marriage does not necessarily mean agreeing on everything. In fact, things would probably get boring if you and your spouse always agreed with what each other said. However, when you do disagree, the key is to be respectful about it. Do not get angry about things. If you must, walk away and discuss the situation later. Learn to compromise.

Do Not Hold Grudges

Nobody’s perfect. Your spouse is bound to make mistakes or do things you do not like from time to time. Learn to forgive. It takes a lot of patience, but holding grudges and bringing up the past is no way to live. It just brings about resentment. Plus, you are not perfect either, so your spouse has to be forgiving of you, too. It is a two-way street.

Seek Legal Help

Marriage takes a lot of work. It s not the fairy tale that it is often made out to be. While the tips above can help keep a marriage alive, wedded bliss still requires a lot of work.

Both spouses need to work on their marriage daily and put in 110% effort. When one person is doing all the work, resentment builds. If you are considering divorce, Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler can assist you. Our experienced team can guide you through the process. Learn more by scheduling a consultation. Call (954) 346-6464 or fill out the online form