How to Tell You Married the Right Person

How to Tell You Married the Right Person

Marriage has its ups and downs. Some days you feel like everything is going great. You love your spouse so much. Then there are days when you feel like everything annoys you about your spouse. They are driving you nuts and you feel like pulling your hair out.

Many couples have days where they wonder what the future holds. Will you stay married forever? Will you eventually divorce? You just never know where life will take you, especially with the rate of gray divorce rising. Even long-term marriages are ending.

When life brings you challenges, such as family drama, money worries, loved ones’ deaths, child-rearing disagreements, and other issues, can you count on your spouse to be there for you?

When you are facing tough times in your marriage, can you and your spouse work through them? If you ever have doubts about who you married, here are some ways to tell that you married the right person.

You Enjoy Spending Time Together

When it comes to relationships, there needs to be some give and take. You will have to do things that your spouse enjoys. They should be willing to do things that you like to do. Then there should be things that you both enjoy doing. If you have a good time with your spouse, no matter what you are doing, then that’s a good sign that you are married to The One.

You are OK Spending Time Apart

While it is good to spend time together, you should also be comfortable spending time apart. Marriage does not mean spending every waking moment together. You should both be able to do things with other people, without any worries about trust or infidelity. A healthy relationship allows for hobbies and interests to be shared with others. You should not have to be worried about how your spouse will react if you meet a friend for coffee.

They Share Your Values and Goals

You and your spouse do not have to be exactly alike. In fact, it is better if you are not so similar. Having the same interests can be boring. However, you both should have the same values and goals. What do you want to do with your life? What are you looking forward to in the future? One common goal that people have is to have kids. If you want children and your spouse does not, then that difference could really put a damper on your relationship. Having the same financial goals is important as well. If you save money but your spouse spends it, that could have serious implications for your marriage.

You Go to Them First With Good (or Bad) News

When something good happens, who do you go to first? When you have bad news, who is the first person you tell? The answer to both questions should be your spouse. They should be a person that you can share everything with, whether it be good or bad. You may not want to share bad news, like job loss or money issues, with anyone, but your spouse should be able to comfort you. You should be able to discuss the situation and find solutions to the problem.

They Pay Attention to You

Marriage is more than just going through the motions. It takes a lot of effort. Your spouse should be paying attention to your feelings and finding out what you need from them. For example, if you have been working long hours to make more money to pay the bills, is your spouse helping you? Are they contributing or are they doing the opposite and spending your money on non-essentials? When your wife is complaining of back pain, do you offer a massage or do you demand that she cook you dinner? Being attentive to your spouse’s needs goes a long way.

They Show Affection Toward You

Do you and your spouse act like you are married? Do you show affection toward each other or is your spouse more of a roommate? Physical intimacy is important in a marriage. Spouses who are affectionate toward each other feel more satisfied in their marriages. That is because intimacy is a strong predictor of love and satisfaction. Plus, it builds feelings of trust and puts people in a better mood.

You Have Productive Arguments

When people think of arguments, they often imagine nasty fights. A fight does not have to be that way. When you are married to the right person, an argument is productive. You and your spouse are able to listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions. You are able to compromise and have a discussion without yelling and calling each other names.

You Make Each Other Laugh

Marriage is difficult, but above all, you should be able to laugh about it. Humor and laughter can alleviate stress and tension. It can also improve your mood and help you deal with life’s challenges. So do not always take your marriage so seriously. Lighten the mood once in a while with a joke or funny story. It will help smooth over tough situations.

Seek Legal Help

Marriage can be a gamble. Will it last forever or is divorce on the horizon?

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