How Not To Act – Even When Upset!

It is beneficial to your case to act appropriately at all times. There is no benefit to acting with rage or immaturity during mediation or in the courtroom.

When addressing the court you will be judged in much better light if you are courteous and act appropriately. Remember, you are being judged by a stranger, the judge, to make decisions about your credibility, your finances, your children, and your future. I am sure you would agree that you want to be on your best behavior when you are under the spotlight and being judged by the court.

Remember that you are your children’s teacher. Your children will model their behavior from your actions. As role models for our children we want to teach them right from wrong. You can teach your children to control their emotions, speak nicely and remain respectful, and be on their best behavior even in tough situations. Overreacting to a situation is not healthy and benefits no one. You can still keep your cool when the going gets tough. Remember, anger is one letter away from danger.