Divorcing? There is an App for That

Divorcing? There is an App for That

Even in the best of situations, divorcing is neither fun nor easy. By ending your marriage, you are splitting your family in two. This means all your assets are essentially divided in half, as well. Adding to the stress is the fact that you likely have kids or are near retirement.

While there is nothing (yet!) that can make divorce totally unstressful, technology is here to help. Apps are not just for gaming. They serve a purpose when it comes time to divorce. The right apps will help you navigate life post-divorce. They can help with communication, coordinating schedules, managing finances, and more. They are especially helpful for those with kids, but anyone can benefit from them. If you are going through a divorce, here are a couple apps to try.

Recommended Apps for Managing Post-Divorce Life

OurFamilyWizard. If you are divorcing with children, you will want to check out OurFamilyWizard. This app is a great way to share access to information if you have joint custody and are co-parenting with your ex-spouse. You can share calendars, expenses, and parenting agreements. You can also request reimbursement for expenses and ask for changes to parenting schedules. Everything is easily accessible to both parties, so there are no excuses for miscommunication.

A nice feature is that the app keeps experts, such as doctors and lawyers, informed of any details they need to know. The app makes co-parenting simple and reduces conflict. This app comes highly recommended. In fact, judges from all 50 states recommend the app to divorcing families. There are multiple plans available, starting at $99. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. You can also access the site from your internet browser.

2houses. This popular app, used in 163 countries, focuses on communication and organization for separated parents. 2houses is a great app for children who go back and forth between two houses, hence the name. The app, available on Apple and Android devices, offers a calendar, a finance management function, and an online message tool to make co-parenting easier. Parents can import holidays and vacation schedules so everyone is on the same page. The color coding is especially useful. Instead of using children as messengers, everything a parent needs can be found in the app. Parents can also share photos and videos

A free two-week trial is available. After that, pay just $9.99 a month (based on an annual payment).

Cozi. Cozi is different in that it is not specifically for divorced families. However, it functions as a great family organizer, and that can be extremely helpful after a divorce when both parents still need to be involved in the children’s lives. This organizer helps reduce chaos while helping the entire family be on the same page. It offers a color-coded calendar so you can see where everyone is or where they need to be. You can create shopping lists, to-do lists for yourself or chore lists for the kids. Keep mealtime organized with constant access to recipes. With the family journal, you can easily take and send photos.

There is a free version of Cozi, as well as a subscription version that offers no adds, reminders, themes, special calendars, contacts, and a birthday tracker. Cozi is available as a website as well as an app for Apple and Android devices.

SupportPay. If one parent is paying child support, SupportPay is a great way to keep track of payments and communication. It is also a great tool to show the payor parent where all the money is going and how expensive children really are. Custodial parents can add additional, unexpected expenses, such as tuition, medical bills, and extracurricular activities. They can also upload documents and invoices as needed to provide proof for payor parents. Parents can pay child support safely and securely through their bank account or PayPal. All transactions can be found in the app, saving time and money while reducing conflict.

The basic package for SupportPay is free, but it only offers six months of access. To go beyond that period of time, you will need to upgrade to the premium package, which is $14.99 per month. You also have the option of paying for an annual subscription, which is a lump sum of $119.88.

iSplit Divorce. Not all divorce apps are focused on the children. If you want to avoid a nasty divorce, the iSplit Divorce can help you split assets and debts fairly without too much bitterness. The app offers a visual representation of what each party can expect in terms of property division. It is a lot easier than using spreadsheets or writing everything out on paper. With iSplit Divorce, you can easily move assets around and develop various configurations. By using this app with your spouse, you two can decide what is fair.

The app is available on the Apple iPad only. There are three versions available: Lite, Standard, and Premium. The Lite version is free, while the Standard version is $9.99 and the Premium version is $14.99.

Seek Legal Help

Life after a divorce can be stressful, especially if you are now a single parent. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make things work, but you can get a little help from technology.

Your kids use apps every day and you can, too. You can also get help from professionals like Palm Beach divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler. He understands how stressful post-divorce life can be. Let him help you ease the pain of the transition. Get started by calling his office at (954) 346-6464.