Divorces More Common When Husbands are Unemployed

Divorces More Common When Husbands are Unemployed

Money is a major issue in marriages. It seems stereotypical that the man would be the breadwinner. Even nowadays, with women’s rights at the forefront, wives are still demanding that their husbands bring home the bacon. And not just a little bacon, but a lot of it.

A study of 6,300 heterosexual couples showed that when men were not working full-time, they were 33% more likely to divorce in the following year. This means that even in contemporary marriages, men need to be working consistently.

Why is this? Because finances put a lot of pressure on a marriage. It is no surprise that women do most of the housework on an everyday basis. When they have to work and earn most or all of the money as well, this puts a lot of strain on them physically and emotionally. It leads to resentment in a marriage, and this resentment often results in divorce.

Financial difficulties are one of the most common causes of divorce. That is because a lack of money can bring about a lot of difficulties. Bills do not get paid. Debt collectors start calling. Without adequate money, it may be hard to buy food and pay for other necessities.

Let’s face it, being rich has its perks. You can buy whatever you want. You have more time for leisure activities. Don’t want to clean your house or watch your kids? Pay someone to do it.

Those who have fewer resources have more difficult lives. They are constantly dealing with money woes and this puts a huge strain on a relationship.

Plus, there is another thing to consider. Women have a lot more financial independence nowadays. Decades ago, women stayed home with the children while the men worked. That is just how it was. But today’s women are much more self-sufficient and independent. They have college degrees and good-paying jobs. In reality, they do not need a man in order to be financially stable. But when their husbands do not work, it upsets them, especially since many unemployed men do not do their fair share of housework. It’s not uncommon to hear of men who stay at home and watch TV and play video games all day.

Women are not playing these games anymore. They are taking action. In fact, most divorces are initiated by women.

When it comes to housework, time has not really changed things. Before 1975, wives who only did 50% of the housework were more likely to get divorced than those who did 75%. Today, there is not much difference.

When it comes to men’s unemployment, though, there are differences. Men who have jobs in 2023 have a predicted divorce probability of 2.5% within the next year. A man who does not have a job has a probability of divorce of 3.3%. Compare that to pre-1975, when the predicted divorce rate was at 1% if a man was not fully employed. If he was employed full-time, then the probability of divorce was actually slightly higher, at 1.1%.

So why is having a job important for men to stay married? A major reason is that men often identify themselves with their jobs. They feel important when they work. When they do not work, they may develop depression and other mental illnesses. Women often do not want to deal with their spouse’s change in behavior along with having to work, take care of kids, and do everything else.

Another reason could be that unemployed men often do not pitch in at home. They often show weaponized incompetence, claiming that they don’t know how to cook, clean, or take care of the children. Again, this leaves women frustrated that they have to take on everything in the marriage.

Another thing to consider is that women often get judgment from friends and family when their spouse does not work. Men are expected to work and when they do not, their spouses may get teased by others. There may even be concern from loved ones. They may not support the marriage when the woman is the one doing the majority of the work.

One thing is certain: Divorce risk does not vary by income. It does not matter how much the man is making. As long as he is working, the marriage is more likely to survive. So, it is more correlated to the amount of hours rather than the amount of money.

Men’s employment has a lot to do with getting married in the first place. A woman will typically not get married until they are on a stable financial footing. If they do not see a stable financial future with their partner, they will not get married.

So what can be done to fix this situation? More jobs may be helpful, but even when there are jobs, some men are just not motivated to work. It may be better to change what we believe a husband’s role in a family should be. Women have changed over the years in what they determine to be feministic views. What about masculinity? What changes should men seek to expand their role in the marriage?

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They say that money cannot buy happiness, but it sure can make a marriage better. Couples are less likely to divorce when their finances are in good shape, and this often means ensuring the husband is working full-time.

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