Dating During a Pandemic

Dating During a Pandemic

Dating after divorce is never easy, and it is even more complicated when you attempt to do it during a pandemic. Over a year later, there are still fears about COVID, so how can you date safely?

There is no easy answer. Dating became a challenge even before COVID hit and now having to social distance and protect your health has made things even more challenging–to the point where many have simply given up.

Others, however, are looking for a connection. They want someone to fill their physical and emotional needs. They are feeling isolated and vulnerable, so they are more willing to open up and put themselves out there. For this reason, the pandemic can actually be helpful. Those who have continued to date during the pandemic are serious about a relationship. They want a commitment and finding one during a pandemic can actually be easier and faster.

However, there is still some work to do on your part. You will need to navigate through the logistics and find out what you really want to get out of a relationship. Here are some tips for dating during the COVID pandemic.

Determine What You Want

What kind of relationship are you looking for? Do you want a long-term relationship, a friendship, or a one-night stand? Find out what your ideal scenario looks like and keep in mind the risks involved. Find a dating app that allows you to search for the type of relationship you desire. Use the app’s filters to find people that match your interests and relationship goals so you can save time.

Spend More Time Virtually

The pandemic has caused lulls in relationships, which may seem like a bad thing, but it is actually good. It actually forces the couple to slow things down. They will not be jumping the gun and focusing too much on physical attraction, which is good.

While humans do crave a physical connection, the pandemic is forcing couples to flirt virtually for a longer-than-normal period of time, which helps them develop a sense of emotional intimacy rather than the physical kind. This makes it so the relationship is not skewed by physical attraction.

Create Trust

You will need to find ways to create trust in a virtual environment. This involves a lot of communication about topics that may not be easy to talk about, such as sex. These discussions should happen early on in the relationship–before you even meet in person. Also, keep in mind that trust builds up gradually over time. Do not expect to trust someone the first moment you meet, whether it be online or in person.

Keep Limitations in Mind

While virtual dates can be a great way to get to know someone, they do not show everything. Video chats show the face, which includes the eyes, eyebrows, and smile, which help with nonverbal communication. However, there are some limitations. When you are watching just a person’s head, you are missing out on flirting and body language. Plus, online connections may end up being different when the couple meets in person. The attraction may be diminished once you account for smells, gestures, and other things that can seem off about a person.

Be Creative

With limitations on physical contact, those seeking a relationship need to be creative. Find ways to have dates and connect virtually. This may include both of you sharing a cup of coffee over your video screens or watching a movie on Netflix but on separate screens. You can also brainstorm unique dates, such as walking through your house and showing your date some of your most meaningful possessions. Or maybe even something as cheesy as discussing the contents of your refrigerator or showing off your pets. These ideas help your date understand you better and get a feel for your personality.

Find Ways to Meet In Person

There are ways to meet in person and stay safe. Some couples prefer to wear face masks and meet for a picnic. Others enjoy long walks and hikes. Whatever you choose, take advantage of the great outdoors.

However, make sure to do a lot of date planning. Discuss the details of the date and how much social distancing each person prefers. This is a good way to focus on safety and boundaries, which can build trust.

Once you become more intimate with each other, you still want to focus on ways to stay safe. Getting vaccinated for COVID and having regular tests done are two good ways to decrease your risk of developing the disease.

Uphold Your Boundaries

Most importantly, trust yourself and stay safe. During the dating process, you will meet people on both ends of the spectrum — those who are overly cautious about COVID and those who think it is fake and are not concerned about it at all. Make sure your date knows your boundaries and what you are comfortable with. If they get mad because you are wearing a mask or they are forcing you to do things you do not feel safe doing in a pandemic, then say no and move on.

Seek Legal Help

Many people want to find love again after a divorce, but that has been hard during a pandemic. It is hard to meet people and develop relationships when you have to social distance and quarantine.

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