Benefits of Staying Single After Divorce

After a divorce, many people feel lost. They have been married for so long that they had forgotten what it was like to be single. They cannot stand the thought of being alone, so they quickly get into a rebound relationship. They end up married again a short time later, only to divorce again because they never learned from their mistakes the first time.

This all could have been avoided if the person would have just adjusted to being single. Being single has a negative connotation for some people. It is often believed that single people are lonely, but that is not always the case. Single people are happy being alone and not having to deal with all the drama that comes with being in a relationship.

Being single comes with many benefits. One of the most surprising ones is that women who are single are healthier than those who are married. After they got married, their BMI and blood pressure increased. When they got divorced, their waist size got smaller and their blood pressure decreased. They also engaged in healthy habits, such as eating right and exercising.

As if that was not enough, there are many more reasons why you should consider staying single after a divorce. Here are some to keep in mind.

You Can Do What You Want

When you are single, your time is your own. You do not have to ask for permission to do what you want. You do not have to do the things that your spouse enjoys, like attending car shows or visiting your in-laws. You do not have to hurry home after work to cook dinner to take care of a spouse. If you want to binge watch a favorite TV show, read a book or take a bath, you can do so and nobody can tell you otherwise.

You Do Not Have to Cook

Many people slave over a stove after a long day at work to make dinner for their spouse. That is probably the last thing you feel like doing after an exhausting day at work. When you are single, you can eat what you want. You can grab a frozen dinner at the store, pick up fast food, grab a pizza or eat nothing at all. When it is just you, meal time is easy.

You Can Spend as Much Money as You Want

Money is one of the main causes of divorce. That is because couples are often incompatible when it comes to finances. When you are single, you can spend your money how you want. You can enjoy a latte from Starbucks without anyone complaining. You can buy those shoes that are on sale. If you want a sports car or motorcycle and have the money to pay for it, then by all means, go ahead.

You Sleep Better

You are more likely to wake up well-rested when someone is not snoring all night or hogging the covers. When you are single, you can go to bed however, whenever you want. If you like falling asleep in front of the TV, then do it. If you prefer to go to bed by 10 p.m., then you can do it. You do not have to stay up later or go to bed earlier to please a spouse.

You Can Live as you Please

If you are a slob who does not clean as often as you should, that is OK. When you are single, you do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. You can keep doing your bad habits, such as eating junk food or drinking too much alcohol. If you only do laundry once a week or do not always put your clothes away, nobody will judge you.

You Can Have as Many Pets as You Want

Some people love cats, while others prefer dogs. Some like birds, snakes and hamsters. If you are single, you can have the pets you want without someone telling you no. Already have three cats and want another one? Go ahead! Want to add a spider to your bug collection? There is nobody to tell you no if you are single. As long as you are responsible enough to take care of them, you can add a canine or feline friend to your home without anyone complaining.

You Do Not Have to Deal With In-Laws

It is not just a cliche — a lot of people cannot stand their in-laws. Your spouse’s family can quickly get on your nerves with their judgmental, know-it-all attitudes. Once you get married, your spouse will make you visit his or her parents and siblings on holidays and other times throughout the year. That is enough to give a person anxiety. Do not get married and you can spend the holidays as you please.

You Will Not Have to Get Divorced Again

The leading cause of divorce is marriage, so if you stay single, you can avoid the fate of a second divorce. Divorces can be lengthy, stressful and expensive. Why risk it? If you do want a relationship, then you can always have one without getting married.

Seek Legal Help

After a divorce, you may have trouble adjusting to single life. You may wish to be in a relationship and even get married. But is it worth it? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy being single and on your own at least for a little while?

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