Benefits of Divorcing During a Pandemic

Divorce filings have been on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic started. Couples have been quarantined off and on since last March, and it is causing great distress within many marriages. While some couples have seen their marriages get better from the increased amount of time they have been spending together, many are experiencing the opposite effect.

Couples are sick of each other. They want their space. The kids are home engaging in distance learning, and they cannot seem to parent in an amicable manner. One parent may be doing it all, while the other parent is barely helping. Spouses are at each other’s throats and they cannot take it anymore. They want to end their marriages.

Is filing for divorce right now a good idea? While courts may be closed as we continue to navigate the pandemic, divorce proceedings are still happening; they are just happening in a different way — online.

Just like your kids use Zoom and Skype to attend their classes, lawyers and mediators are also using these platforms to get clients through the divorce process. Celebrities are using these methods to finalize their divorces, and you can, too.

However, you may be wary of divorcing online. This is especially true if you are not too computer savvy. Won’t it be better to discuss the details and negotiate the issues in person? Not necessarily. You might find it more complicated in some aspects, but the online format has actually made the process easier for many couples. Here are some benefits of divorcing during a pandemic.

Down Economy

The current economic state is not so good, with businesses shutting down and people getting laid off. We are basically in a recession. This may not sound like a good situation, but for a divorce, it can be. This may mean that the person who has to pay child or spousal support pays less. Asset values are down, which means that there is less to divide. Those who are already divorced can use the economy to their benefit and ask for modifications if they are having to pay support of any kind.

Save Money

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down courts, which means you can divorce without having to pay court fees. This has saved couples a lot of money on their divorce expenses, since many try to resolve their problems through mediation. Also, online divorce has resulted in fewer delays as well as the ability to get problems resolved more quickly. Again, this saves money, so if you want to divorce cheaply, start the process now.

Reduced Conflict

Hashing out issues such as child support, child custody and asset division can often lead to heated discussions when done in person. Many people get highly emotional and may be unwilling to come to agreements on the issues involved. This can lead to delays, which cost more money in the long run. Online divorce proceedings through Zoom and other platforms, however, seem to take some stress out of in-person meetings. Divorcing couples tend to feel more relaxed when they do not have to see each other face to face. The online aspect diffuses the situation and makes the process more amicable. People are more likely to negotiate and quickly come to agreements to get the process over with as quickly as possible. As mentioned above, this saves money.

Avoid Court

Having to go to court can make most people anxious. Discussing your marital issues with a judge can be nerve wracking, to say the least. That is why many people try to avoid it if possible. Many people even decide to postpone divorce because they are scared of going to court. The good news is that because most courts are closed now, you can divorce without having to go to court. You can divorce primarily online, which can make the process less stressful for all involved.

More Convenient

Divorcing online rather than attending court in person is much more convenient for all involved. There is no need to worry about getting stuck in traffic and finding a parking space. You don’t have to sit and wait in court. You can log in on your computer from home or anywhere else and work on other things while you are waiting. This means you can stay at work longer and not have to take off so much time. Even lawyers find online divorces more convenient, since they can spend their time working on other cases while they wait for the judge to start the case.

Get Information Now

Even if you are unsure about divorcing now and prefer to wait until life returns to normal, that does not mean you cannot do anything now. There is no harm in meeting with a lawyer now to learn more about the process. You can get information about the timelines and the documents you need to gather now so you will be ready when the time comes. Who knows how long the pandemic might last. You might even change your mind by then, but at least you will have the knowledge you need to move forward if you want.

Seek Legal Help

Divorcing during a pandemic can be complicated, but there are some benefits to ending your marriage now rather than waiting. Get started on the process now.

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