Can Focusing Too Much on Money Lead to Divorce?

Can Focusing Too Much on Money Lead to Divorce?

We know that money problems are a main cause of divorce. That is why many couples like to ensure that they have enough money. They may take on multiple jobs and pinch pennies to ensure their bank account is full and that they can pay the bills. 

It is important to have good money management habits in a marriage. Not having enough money can be stressful, especially when you cannot pay for basic needs. It causes couples to argue.

A study of 3,000 married couples in the United States looked at various factors that might lead to divorce, such as income, appearance, religion, and even information about the wedding. Researchers found out that a woman’s preoccupation with wealth often led to divorce

Overall, wealthier couples were less likely to get divorced. However, when women obsessed over money, they were more likely to get divorced. The study also found that the more money a couple spent on a wedding, the more likely they were to get divorced.

So, what does this mean? Money does not solve all relationship problems. While financial stability is good to have for a healthy marriage, focusing too much on money is a big problem. 

Who is Asking for Divorce?

Who is asking for divorce in these situations — the woman preoccupied with money or her partner? The demand for a divorce can come from either side. It can be from the partner who comes to dislike their money-oriented partner so much that they no longer want to be in such a relationship. It could also come from the money-obsessed woman who might have married her partner in order to live a specific type of lifestyle. In many cases, the man does not live up to the woman’s expectations, so she bails and looks for a different partner.

An obsession with money can blind a person to the many other aspects that keep a marriage going. When a woman marries a man for money, prestige, or some other intrinsic reason, they run the risk of the marriage collapsing. When there is a change in circumstances, a woman can view the man she married as less desirable. The marriage no longer makes her happy and she may not be willing to stick it out. If there is adequate wealth involved, a woman may still reach the breaking point, in which she realizes that despite having all the money they need, they are still not happy. In any case, partners need to look for values of importance, particularly when children are involved.

An obsession with wealth is not healthy. Such an attitude can poison a marriage, so a woman who is most attracted to their partner’s wallet should consider finding a more well-rounded relationship.

Why Might a Woman Care About Money?

According to some, while women do care about money, the reasons why they do have less to do with money itself and more to do with what having money tells them about a man. For example, having money might show that a man has:

  • Focus. Unless a person inherits their money, making money usually takes focus. When a person has money, it shows that they are able to stick with something and are not a quitter. They graduated from college, have a solid career, or run their own business. This makes a person successful. 
  • Access to resources. Throughout history, it was not uncommon in many societies for the man to be the breadwinner. As we all know, in humanity’s earliest days, men would hunt for food and provide for the family. Today, many women still want a man to provide for the family. When you have more money, you have more access to resources. The more resources you have available, the longer you are likely to survive.
  • Contentment. While money does not directly buy you happiness, it buys you experiences, which do make you content. Women want men who are happy with themselves. It is no fun being around a man who is stressed out or angry, and a lack of money can make a person feel that way. Therefore, more money does equal increased happiness.
  • Status. A man with money has a higher status than a poor person and this makes them more attractive to women. When a man has a high status, he has a lot of influence over his friends and family. While many women nowadays are financially stable, they want men who can keep up with them. It can be frustrating or even embarrassing to be in a relationship with a man with a lower status. However, men need to be careful, as there are women who are gold diggers and simply looking for a man who will spend money on them.
  • Ambition. Men with money generally have ambition and women admire this. Women want someone with a lot of future potential. If you have a lot of ambition, you have a growth mindset and are always looking to improve yourself. That quality makes men attractive to women. 

Seek Legal Help

While money is important to some degree, focusing on it excessively can doom your marriage. There are many other things to worry about in a relationship, and women need to look at the whole package when choosing a partner. 

Being overly obsessive about money can lead to divorce. Let Broward County divorce attorney Scott J. Stadler give you the advice you need. He has the experience to give you the best outcome. Contact our office today. Fill out the online form or call (954) 398-5712 to schedule a consultation.